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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Behind the Lens

I love watching movies.
I like seeing them on the big screen... on TV... on netflix...
But my favorite way to watch movies is on DVD. I know, it seems odd, but you get something on DVDs that you don't get any other way.

Special Features.

And with special features comes all kinds of behind the scenes, insider information. You can watch featurettes that have interviews with the actors, Bloopers, and my very favorite... the COMMENTARY!

Yes, I am that girl. The one that watches an entire movie, then turns on the commentary and watches it again.

Even worse, I am the girl that watches it a THIRD time with my friends and says something every 5 minutes that starts with "Did you know, that when they made this movie...." and ends with my friends rolling their eyes.

I like to feel like an insider, and the behind the scenes footage and insight always helps :)

So today, I'd like to share with you a little behind the scenes insider information! Typically I shoot alone, but when I have a second shooter (or my mom comes to assist), I will occasionally end up with a few pictures of myself shooting. It is always funny to me because at the time, I am not thinking at all about what I look like, I'm simply getting a shot.

(you can tell how old some of these are by my blond hair :)
These first few shots are courtesy of my mother. Here are a few from Amy's session.

And some from my dad's session.
Here are some from Sean and Emily's session...
These next few are from Amy and Adam's wedding that I shot with Colleen Sherman.
And lastly, a few from Jimmy and Lynzi's wedding that my second and third shooter (Joe and Kathrina) got of me.
And just for fun, our photo booth picture (please note... I do not know why I look evil in the first frame. I promise that is NOT my normal smile face):

I've had several questions as to how I dress for shooting, and what kind of bag I use and what I shoot with, so I will be doing a FAQ post soon about all that great stuff... consider these pictures a preview :)

Happy Tuesday!


Kristin said...

haha lovely! I am so glad that I'm not the only one who stands in silly positions to get a shot :)

Nicole said...

I love this!! It's really funny to see what we look like to get great shots! Thanks again for putting the bridal shoot together!

Marissa Rodriguez said...

I love when photographers post behind the scenes photos! You are so brave for wearing those heels in that last few pictures! Looking forward to your FAQ post about how you dress for shoots! :)

Bianca said...

Wow, if we ever play limbo, you're on my team!

Jewelielyn said...

i looooove taking pictures of you taking pictures--even though i rarely get your face :)

Diandra Ann said...

okay now you all should go post behind the scenes pictures!!! :) ready... GO!

PS... Bianca... Limbo? Me? Seriously? Have you SEEN me try to walk? Forget getting under a pole that is shorter than me. I'd probably kill myself... and take the pole down with me! xoxo

Lynn Castillo said...

Diandra Hello I like your style... I work with totally rad actions and is amazing .... Thanks for the tips and also I agree with Marissa Rodriguez about you dress for shoots!