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Friday, May 8, 2009

Everyday: Dad

My dad wears a lot of hats.

He's a dad, a husband, a son, a pastor, a brother, a friend, a teacher.

But last week, he wore his Tae Keuk Won hat... er... belt.

Several years ago, he decided that he wanted to take up Martial Arts. And just like everything my dad puts his mind to, he spent a lot of time and energy, and he excelled. He recently received his black belt. My mom and I were there to see it, and it was pretty cool. He is very good at it. He even uses num chucks (I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling...,) swords, and a really long stick that I'm sure has some wonderfully Martial Arts sounding name. But I don't know what it is :)

We've been planning to take pictures of his craft for probably about a year. But this seemed to be the first time we could get it together. It was something new for me, but I'm pretty pleased. Check out some of my favorites from the shoot!
This is the sword he uses. It's pretty cool.I love these next two...His ceremonial black belt. It has his name. The other side has his name in Korean ... or at least, that's what they tell him :)
Thanks for letting me take your picture dad! And for jumping over and over again! Can't wait until next time! Love you!


Suany said...

Wow... your dad is really kool...

Bianca said...

SO cool! I love the last b&w one with him in the air! Can't wait to see the next post :)

Jewelielyn said...

wow! he looks like he is way way up there! very nice work, diandra!!