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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Love Story: Nick and Princess

If you ask their friends how long they've been together, they'll simply say, "forever". Teenage relationships typically don't seem to last long, or be really all that healthy, but Nick and Princess are defying the odds. They've been together "forever" and they plan to keep it that way. They treat each other with such honesty and respect and genuinely care for each other. A few days ago you saw Javier and Tracy's session at the Santa Monica Pier. They weren't alone. The four of these guys are great friends, and they thought it would be a blast to take pictures together. Here are a few of my favorites of Nick and Princess.

This picture took us so many tries... Nick kept making funny faces which actually made for some great pictures... but I had to choose and I just think Princess worked it in this one!Look at how he looks at her! Even at their age... Even after "forever"!We found this thing and we did not know what it was but it was pretty cool. Then Nick and Princess started playing while I was taking pictures of Javier and Tracy. I managed to catch them :)
Um... can we say GORGEOUS!?!?! I loved this one so much... I couldnt decide which version I like better so you get to see two that are really similar...

Recognize these next couple of poses? We liked them with Javi and Tracy, so we tried them out again. I think it's pretty cool how they still look so different!
After we were done with this pictures, Nick picked Princess up and made her "fly"... so cool!

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Bianca said...

How adorable!!!! I wish I had some shoots like this as a teen. They are SUPER lucky :)