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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Computer issues and Graduation

It is a sad day.
My computer is in the hospital :(
Yesterday it kind of crashed. It wouldn't turn on.
So I am without a computer for a couple of days while our brilliant friend, James, fixes it all up.
I'm hoping to have it back by tomorrow so I can commence with blogging all of the fun shoots I have piling up.

On a personal note, last night I attended a high school graduation. Javier's son, Javier Jr, and Javier's niece, Crystal both graduated. I sat in those stands and remembered back to my graduation 7 years ago. It was a little surreal. I thought about all of my plans and hopes and dreams when I was only 17 and getting ready to take on the world. I am at such a different place at 25 then I ever thought I would be when I was 17. But I am so glad to be where I'm at!

Congratulations to all of the class of 2010. Especially Javvy and Crystal. I love you guys and I am soooo proud of you.




Bianca said...

Hope your computer gets fixed soon. I feel your pain!!! Doesn't it feel like your child has gone to the hospital?! So sad :(

Leslie said...

How did you make your header rotate and have the animations that you have?