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Friday, December 18, 2009

Everyday: Crystal

When I first started taking pictures, the thing I struggled most with was posing. I felt akward and uncoordinated when it came to instructing my clients how to stand and what to do and where to look. The more I've done it, the more comfortable I've gotten (and it helps to have been IN FRONT of the camera a few times as well). There are still times when I get nervous asking people to sit on the ground in the middle of a road, or climb up on a pile of boxes.

But there are some people who just jump to the occassion. Crystal is one of those. She was willing to stand, sit, climb or lay whereever I asked her to... and it made it so much fun! At one point we literally balanced on a foot wide section of sidewalk and climbed behind a semi-truck, moved some trash cans and sat on a car! Seriously! And she smiled the whole time. And laughed. And I loved it. And I love her :)

Here are just a few of my favorites!

Helllllllllloooo Cool cars behind a fence :)

okay, so we found this recliner sitting out by the trash. So we drug it around with us and took pictures in it! And we found some great bright walls too!

Beautiful girl.

I think this one is my favorite from the session. LOVE it.

This was behind the infamous truck. Such a great spot!

We pulled her friend Sam in for a few more. (More coming of him in a few days)

Another favorite.

Hi Sam!

Way to work it Crystal!


Michelle said...

I like the angle from the stairs! Also, I love incorporating props too! I have this cool 70's poloroid camera that I will be using on my next photo shoot! So fun!

KHK said...

I really like the black and white one of them under the light :)

Bianca said...

The last one is awesome! I love B&W images :)