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Friday, November 6, 2009


Last night I had the privilege of attending another OC Smug.
This time, Jasmine Star was the speaker.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I think she's awesome for so many reasons. But as my mom and I were driving home from the meeting last night, we began to talk about what Jasmine had been speaking about: Netmaking. Basically... caring about people more than business.

As we got to talking on that ride home, the conversation quickly switched to how well Jas practices what she preaches. I was given a huge blessing a while back when she took my picture. As mom and I talked about that photoshoot, we talked about how the fact that Jasmine really cared about me ended up changing my life.

You see, at the time that she did the shoot, I had recently left a bad relationship and it had left me broken and injured with no self esteem. It had left me questioning myself and my direction in life. I felt worthless and stupid and like no one really cared. When I shot with Jasmine, she made me feel beautiful and important, and loved. Not only that, but she encouraged and inspired me as a photographer, and looking back, I can point to THAT MOMENT at the turning point in my business.

My mom also blogs, and she wrote it so well in her blog yesterday, so I wanted to share an excerpt from what she wrote.
"It was interesting. Here we were at a meeting for photographers, listening to one of the premier wedding photographers speak, and she wasn't talking about camera settings or rad actions or marketing or equipment. She was talking about developing relationships with people. She wasn't discussing how to set up formal shots or how to pace the day of a shoot or how to manage your business. She was talking about helping people and making them feel comfortable and doing things seemingly unrelated to photography--just because you care. It was interesting, because that is not the way most people think about developing their photography business. It was interesting, because it wasn't about how to get ahead or be the best photographer. And it was interesting, because we have seen up close and personal, that Jasmine practices what she preaches. A year ago, she did a photo shoot for Diandra. it was an amazing succession of circumstances that led up to that meeting, and it was a life-changing experience for Diandra. and not just because Jasmine took some beautiful pictures of her, but because Jasmine cared. The photos were lovely, and we would have appreciated them even if Jasmine had just been friendly and skilled at what she does. But she was more than that--without even knowing what Diandra was going through, she was able to make her laugh, and remember that she was beautiful and smart and funny and wonderful. Jasmine made her feel like she was someone worth knowing. I look back now, and I know that day was a turning point for Diandra. I can see it happening in her eyes and in her expressions when I look at those photos. and I know that the interaction between two people who had never met before was more valuable than either of them could have known at the time."


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Brianna said...

sweet blog diandra! i agree that jas is pretty awesome and i think you're pretty awesome yourself. having a passion for something is a beautiful thing.

Jasmine said...

i love you. to the moon and back.

Lucia Photography said...

Oh this made me cry. Don't feel bad though. I cry easily, its just such a heart warming story. Thank-you for sharing