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Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm on Jasmine Star's blog!!!

I haven't been very good about keeping up with my blog. I started this when I started my photography as a business, but I didn't really keep up with it very well. Recently I decided that I should re-do it and really do better about keeping it up.

When I got in contact with Jasmine Star, I was so excited! What a huge opportunity to have her shoot me. And she did. And it was amazing! I am excited to use the photos she took to personalize this a little more, and hopefully keep up with my blog a little better! It's easy to let things get away from you and get so busy that you don't do the things you enjoy. I don't want to be one of those people who stops doing things I enjoy because life gets busy.

You can check out her blog entry here. But I'll leave you with a couple of my favorites :)


cassandra m said...

Diandra...Hello from the east coast! I saw your photos on Jasmine's blog...simply GORGEOUS. I commented on your great taste in jewelry...love the turquoise! These photos are uber fabulous. The same exact ones that were your favorites were my favorites too! I love that first one above when you are laying on your side. sweeet. the second shot on the beach with your camera is awesome too. And I love your close-ups. basically love them all! I read your BIO. I have such RESPECT for you putting God first! Such RESPECT! I know those kids are lucky to have you! I will stop back and check out more of your stuff. btw. i LOVE your doggie shots!!!!! Best to you!!!

Mikal Lok said...

I love the photos. You're beautiful and talented.

Anonymous said...

I love your turquoise ring! Where did you get it?

Ariana's Corner said...

Hey, I found your blog through Jasmine Star!!! Your pictures are beautiful!!!!
You really have a great eye for photography! I like your style!

God bless!

Jillian Louise said...

i feel like i'm in the same place as you just a little further behind. i'm a senior in college but i know this is my passion and i'm working hard to some how make it my life. congratulations on having jasmine do your pictures. they look amazing

Leah Mullett said...

Hey I too found you through Jasmine! Your gorgeous! Good luck with as your business grows!!!

Diandra Ann Photography said...

Cassandra: Thank you! I love those kids... and photography has actually given me some cool opportunities with them too!

Jillian: If it's your passion... keep at it! Its great to do something you're passionate about!

Ariana, Mikal and Leah: Thanks girls :) The compliments are always encouraging!

Anonymous: The ring was a gift from my very fashionable mom :)

mpcphotography said...

I saw you on Jasmine's blog!The pictures are fabulous!!! :) Good Luck!

Pascal said...

Found your blog though Jasmine Star!
The pics are great I wish you good luck for your blossoming business! I'll be lurking here from time to time to see how your work evolves if you don't mind :)

Hanaumi Photography said...

Best of luck in your new business! Those photos are beautiful :)

Stephen Dela Cruz said...

Hey, I'm another one who found you through Jas. Star.

Keep up the great work, and God bless!!!


Diandra said...

Hey,gorgeous pictures! :) was just blog hoppin' and found yours!

Diandra (yes, that's also my name :))

Anonymous said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog at www.lokinthemoment.wordpress.com.
Where are you located? I would love to work with you sometimes. I think your beautiful and would love to do a photo shoot with you. I am in the OC(YOrba Linda area).
Mikal Lok

Anonymous said...

I love this site! Thank you sooo much for all your posts!

Laurie said...

How cool to be photographed by Jasmine! You are gorgeous...wowza!