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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Football season

I've never been much of a sports photographer... but a good friend of mine has a son that plays Quarterback at his high school. Ive been going to the games and taking pictures. It's a lot of fun... very different from what I normally do. I thought I'd share some of the pictures with you :)


Dawn B said...


I ran across your blog on Jasmine's site....Your photos are wonderful! I am a newbie (as in just starting shooting and learning about my camera). I love to hear how fellow newbies got started, how the first got their business going, etc. So if you have the time, I'd love to hear back from you! If you look at my blog, I've shot ONLY football pictures...my grandson plays! Makes for good practice.

Take care

Anita said...

the b&w is amazing...I love the feel it portrays...and btw..your shoes on Jasmines blog..ROCKSSSSS!!!!!..lol..

Diandra Ann Photography said...

Dawn: I got interested in Photography and read everything I could and took pictures of everything that would stay still... and even some things that wouldn't :) As for my business... I'm still workin' on that!

Anita: Thanks for the compliment... and oh do I love shoes :) Especially the ones that look great and cost $20 or less :)