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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Tiffany's

I knew it was going to be a rather emotional Christmas season for me.
I love Christmas.
I usually start decorating In October and leave my decorations up through February.
Okay I exaggerate.
A little.
I start my Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I shop long and carefully, choosing gifts I know my family will love.
I enjoy driving my car around and checking out all of the Christmas lights.
I crank up Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson Christmas CDs every chance I get.
I light scented candles. ALL OVER.

But this year is different.
This year, the person I love the most is all the way across the world from me. It's me and Javier's first Christmas together... only we aren't together.
I haven't done any of the things I normally do.
In a season full of celebration and joy, I found that I was sad and struggling.

I haven't even blogged about Christmas!

Javi had mentioned that he was sending me a Christmas present and that I should be watching for it. He was worried that it wasn't going to arrive before we left for Oregon for Christmas. It didn't take long for it to arrive. From New Jersey.

Um... I thought he was in Kuwait!!!

As I'm opening the package, I am thinking that probably this is not from Javi. Probably it was something I ordered for the wedding.

This is what was looking up at me from inside the box:


I knew immediately that it was from Javier.

Let me rewind for a moment.
When I went to visit Javier in Chicago before he deployed, he took me to Tiffany & Co. I blogged about it on my other blog. I had never been there, and when he surprised me by buying me a bracelet, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. And when he made sure that I got the "little blue box", even though he really didn't understand why I wanted it, I was impressed.

So when I saw that "little blue box" in the package from New Jersey... I knew it was from him. Somehow, he had managed to send me an amazingly sweet present, and he managed to do it all the way from Kuwait.

Suddenly, I realized that I hadn't been forgotten on Christmas, and that even though we were a world apart, he was thinking of me. It didn't change the fact that I hate being away from him... or that I was sad to be missing our first Christmas together. But his thoughtful gift reminded me that even when we are far apart... worlds apart... our hearts and thoughts are not.

I am thankful for a man that spoils me a little... but even more for one that loves me with everything he has. I can't wait to marry him in just two and a half months!


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