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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh man can we say Indecisive?
I sure can.
Or maybe I'd rather say that I can't make up my mind.
Then again, I can be a bit indecisive.

But really.

I feel like my website has changed about as much as my hair color! Which, if you know me, is quite often.

But then Show it (the company I use for my website) launched this brand new, super cool set of designs by Promise Tangeman. I adore Promise. I think she is amazing at what she does. I've even toyed with the idea of looking into having her design a site for me. So when I saw this, I was so excited. I immediately looked into it and immediately fell in love with one specific design. Lucky for me it was the one already on show it! And so, I began to tweak and play with it.

There is something super addicting about website design... at least for me. I start working on it and I just. Can't. Stop. So only a couple of days later, I am ONCE AGAIN launching a new website and blog.

But this one...
This one feels like me.

I may play around with a few things here or there, but I think this one is here to stay.
At least for now.
Told you!

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Oh and did you notice the blog matches too?? YAY!


FootPrints said...

love it! so so romantic!

Marissa Nicole said...

looks great. it really fits you photography well.

Sarah Frenzel said...

cute, cute! congrats on the new site girl!