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Friday, September 24, 2010

Unexpected Happies.

Unexpected Happies.
Yes, it may be incorrect grammar.
Maybe "Happies" isn't even a word.
But today I am feeling unexpected happies in my stomach.

My fiance is in the Army and about to be deployed overseas. He's been across the country training and preparing, and we've said good bye more than once. Here's the thing... the Army doesn't always seem so organized. My mom often says they need a wedding planner... someone to get them organized and make sure everything is done on time. Because so far, we've said good bye three times. Three times.

It's about to be four.

Hence the unexpected happies.
Because rather than think about the good bye that is coming...
I'm thinking about the hello.
Because I get four more days with him before he leaves.
And for that, I am happy.
Really really happy.

1 comment:

Carroll said...

I'm proud of you Diandra for taking a positive slant on a negative situation. That will make you a much happier person. Just remember that God is in control. He designed your lives and knows exactly what's happening.
Love you!