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Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Week

It's finally here.
My very favorite time of year!

It's my birthday week!!!
I have found in the years of celebrating my birthday week (and encouraging my friends and family to do the same) that many people do not fully understand the wonderfulness that is a birthday week.

Maybe it comes from being an only child...
Or maybe it's just me.
But I love a celebration!

So in honor of turning a quarter of a century on Saturday (my actual birthday is June 19th), I will be spending this week with my friends and family and making sure to do at least one fun thing a day!

I have soooo much to blog, and I'll be blogging it all soon! A couple of weddings, a funky engagement session, seniors, and a very special personal blog complete with something sparkly! :) In the mean time, follow me on twitter, or "like" me on facebook (or be my friend!) to keep up with the day to day!

Today I am celebrating with Javier since he will be missing my actual birthday (ah the Army life).

And speaking of Javier... here is a little video we made of our last trip to Disneyland. Because, you know, life is worth celebrating :)

You'll have to excuse my horrible taping skills. I can't seem to get a person in the frame. Guess I'm better with a camera...


Anonymous said...

it says the video is unavailable.

. s h e r r y * said...

Happy Birthday! :D

KHK said...

I love the video w/ the music...good song too! :) Love you!

Michelle said...

Enjoy your bday week! I bet I can guess what the "sparkly" thing is!

Evelyn Perez said...

How adorable is this video!!! I know that you will miss him dearly when he is away, but always remember the good times and memories that you two have. I saw that you are engaged and I just wanted to say Congrats!!!!! Happy Birthday :)