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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, mom!

Mom, thank you for reading me bedtime stories.
Thank you for helping me love reading as much as you do.

Thank you for going to my basketball games.
Thank you for pushing me to do my best...
even if it was on a sprained ankle because "it's fine! you're okay!"

Thank you for giving me life...
for carrying me for 9 long months, and getting me out in 28 LONG hours.

Thank you for taking care of me,
for feeding me, and not ALWAYS making me eat the veggies I didn't like.
Thank you for giving me clothes, even if I complained that they weren't always name brand.
Thank you for giving up things you wanted to give me everything.

Thank you for playing with me,
for watching videos with me,
for doing crafts with me.

Thank you for sheltering me...
For not letting me play with Barbie's until I was old enough to take care of them,
for not letting me watch PG-13 movies until I was 16,
for not letting me date when I was 14, even though everyone else's moms did.
Thank you for not being a push over, and always giving me what I wanted....
But instead for loving me enough to sometimes say no.

Thank you for talking to me...
For explaining life, and not just saying "because I'm the mom".

Thank you for making me go to church instead of the soccer game,
birthday party,
or whatever else might have been going on Sunday morning.
Thank you for reading me the Bible, and praying with me.
Thank you for showing me the love of the Lord.

Thank you for being my mom,
and THEN my friend,
although I am thankful that now you are both.

I love you so much.
You are the best mom in the world!


Jewelielyn said...

awww thanks! i love being your mom! and your friend! (and for the record, i really, really thought your ankle was ok!) i love you for always :)

SarahBech said...

I love you Julie!!