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Friday, March 19, 2010


It's one of those days that I feel like I belong.
It's one of those days that I think, hey maybe I can actually be a photographer!
It's one of those days that I feel blessed beyond belief to do something I love.

Yesterday, one of my recent shoots was published on one of my favorite wedding blogs; Green Wedding Shoes! I am absolutely blown away and honored. Make sure you head over to that blog and leave some love!

One of my goals as a photographer is to work towards being published more and more. What an exciting start!

I have to give a HUGE thanks to Lo Boheme for working with me on this shoot and being AMAZING. Also, to Lindsay of Label Me Lindsay for the spectacular hair and make up. We also had 3 wonderful models; Megan, Edo and Dominique.


The Modern Type said...

congratulations sweetie! you SO deserve it! xoxo

Hayley White said...

Congrats Diandra!! The photos look amazing and deserve to be on a great blog like greenweddingshoes!! =) So happy for you!


Laurie Bracewell said...

So awesome Diandra! Congrats, you deserve it!!

Jewelielyn said...

YAY! was this on your list of goals for this year? because if it wasn't, maybe you should add it now that you have accomplished it, so you can cross it off. you know how i like crossing things off a list as "DONE!" :) and i have to say, this shoot is maybe my favorite one ever--it is definitely in the top five!!

Sherry Hunt said...

This is so awesome. I love the "eye" that allows you to make such excellent and interesting pictures.

Megan Hayes said...

Awesome! Congrats on getting published!!

Sean Walker Photography said...

Well deserved... Such great shots.. more of that to come.

Bianca said...

I'm so proud of you!!!