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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Everyday: Courtney and Bijoudally: Anthropologie Inspired

She jets in from Seattle from time to time.
And when she does, we like to get our creative juices flowing.
My friend Courtney is one of those creative people... those people that inspire my artsy side.
She came in from Seattle for a few days, and we decided that we should shoot something... anything... because that's what we do.
Lucky for me, she came bearing a bag of goodies from a jewelry designer that she's working for up in Washington. We had a blast shooting a bunch of fun pictures for Courtney and Bijoudally. We were definitely going for an Anthropologie inspired look. I think we did pretty good :)

This amazing piece is from Lo Boheme. You know how much I love her work :)

These are for sure my favorites :)


. s h e r r y * said...

LOVE the ones with the frames/lanterns in the tree. Totally awesome!

marissa nicole said...

generally i am not into super artsy photography because it tends to be incredibly random...but...I LOVE THESE. these pictures are amazing. the colors are fantastic, the contrast is great, the backgrounds can't be beat, altogether wonderful.

Sherry Hunt said...

I think they are all wonderful. But the black and white ones really blew me away.

Congratulations again.

Bianca said...


Wow, Diandra this is gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous. I'm so proud of you.