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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spotlight: C. Marie Photography

I like to post spotlights every now and then of different vendors that I think my blog readers might be able to use, or at least find interesting. I have yet to spotlight another photographer... until now :)

Some of you may remember Crystal from past blog posts. She's showed up a few times on my blog... every time looking more beautiful than ever. She has also come along on a couple of shoots with me and been a big help in several aspects of my business. She is always excited to see my latest shoots, and even keeps me company many times when I edit. She has taken an interest in photography, and has since started her very own blog!

I am so proud of this girl. At 18 years old she is already finding her voice, and pursuing her passions and following her dreams. If I had had her determination and passion at 18 years old, I can only imagine where I'd be now! I know she is going to do great and go very far in her life.

Here are a few of her recent shots. You can check out her blog here for even more! She has only started it recently, but I'm sure she'll be updating it regularly! (and extra points for you if you leave her a comment! Cuz you know that's the best part of blogging!)

1 comment:

Mary Marantz said...

whoa!! 18 that's amazing! I had NO idea what I wanted to do at 18!!