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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow?? Seriously??

I am sitting in a house in Ashland, Oregon.  This is the place I would call my home town... My family moved here when I was 4 years old and we were here until my freshman year of high school. Most of my childhood memories were formed in this little town of 20,000.  We stopped here on our way home from visiting my grandma (who lives 4 hours north of here near Portland). And here we sit.  We aren't sure of when we'll head back home... The plan was tomorrow early in the morning... But now the pass (the one way into California) is closed due to snow. Yes, snow. You know... The frozen water that falls from the air? Yes, it's been a while. My life used to consist of snow... Lots of snow... And once again I am reminded of how drastically my life has changed... And how much I love it.  I am writing this on my cell phone instead of posting the pictures of Kristin and John that I'd planned on posting because I have no internet :)  So stay tuned... They're coming! Hopefully tomorrow! In the mean time... Pray we don't freeze to death! :)

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Jordan said...

We have barely any snow here in MI but are supposed to get a little tonight. Not a huge fan of snow! Only a tiny bit on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day then I would love it all to be gone and not come back for another year! LOL ;)