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Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Football Season!

It's been a little while since I talked about something other than a shoot on here, and while I know you all LOVE pictures (that's why you keep coming back, right? :) Part of the reason I write this blog is as a journal of my life RIGHT NOW.

And RIGHT NOW... it's football season!

I'm a sports girl... I've always played on sports teams from the time I was young (we're talking like 1st grade)... basketball, volleyball, soccer, waterpolo, golf... you name it, I've played it! I have this ever growing competitive nature that seems to be contained on normal days, but put me on a court (field, course, etc) and the big monster of competitiveness comes leaping out.

When I headed off to college, I was set and determined to be a lawyer. I knew that's what I was going to do and I was going to do it well. I registered for classes with that in mind. I was quickly dissatisfied and decided that this was not the direction for me. I didn't want to be stuck in an office (or a courtroom) every day until I died. Or retired. Whichever came first. So I started thinking about the things that I enjoy and how I could make a living doing something that I love. I decided to change my major to Physical Education. Yes, PE. I was a PE major. I decided that I would teach high school PE and play sports everyday for the rest of my life. Sounded pretty good to me! So that is what I majored in until I was done at Point Loma Nazarene University. Little did I know that my life would take all kinds of different turns and I would never set foot inside a high school gym as a PE teacher.

My love of sports grew during that time as I learned the ins and outs of different sports, and how to teach them. I even got to spend a year as a PE teacher (with my roommate, Rachel) for 1st and 2nd graders and 5th and 6th graders. Those are some of my very best memories from college. I don't have so much time for playing sports anymore (although I AM going to the gym 5 times a week), but I have taken to watching other people play.

A couple of years ago, I decided that I needed a football team to be MY team. I have grown up watching football... in high school, with my dad, my friends... it always seems to find me. But I have never really chosen a team. There were a few months when I was young that I decided I loved the Dallas Cowboys because my cousin, Troy, loved them... and I thought he was super cool. Then there was that week that I loved the 49ers because we met one of the players in our small town Wal-Mart and he signed my hat (that I bought at Wal-Mart just so he could sign it). As a 22 year old, I decided it was time I found a team. So I began asking people why they chose the teams they chose. I got many different answers...

Because they are in the same physical area
Because they have pretty helmets (my mom)
Because their mascot is cool
Because they have pretty colors
Because you're dad likes them
Because they're the best team in the league at the time
Because they're the worst team in the league at the time

When I started asking around, I couldn't believe the response I got. People are PASSIONATE about their football teams! My dad and I had quite a conversation as he tried to convince me to root for his Seahawks.

Diandra- "So what are Seahawks exactly?"
Dad- "They're like hawks that eat fish!"
Diandra- "arent there any teams that have mascots that dont kill things?"
Dad- "You mean like the Louisville fluffy puppies?"
Diandra- "Now that's a team I could really get behind..."
Dad- "with pink and teal uniforms?"
Diandra- "No dad, that is way too girlie... pink and BLACK... cuz boys like black..."

Unfortunately the Louisville Fluffy Puppies do not exist. So I was back to searching for a team. After lots of conversations with lots of different people, and endless emails with some great arguments and some not so great arguments, I chose the Miami Dolphins. Keep in mind this was 2007... if you remember, that was the year they lost EVERY GAME... well, except one. So I am a true fan :)

I have some great friends that are Dolphins FANATICS... they have a ceremony before the opening game... a blanket you can't step on... a whole lot of yelling (especially if you walk in front of the screen at the wrong time) and Dolphins colors EVERYWHERE. I even bought a jersey because I felt so left out... and that's what really solidifies you as a fan, right?

So as we get ready to start this season (my 3rd official season as a Dolphins fan), I would love to know who you root for and why. And for those of you without a team... I highly recommend the Miami Dolphins... Or there's always the Louisville Fluffy Puppies :)


Chels said...

Hahaha, My dad is a loyal Dolphins fan as well. Dan Marino was like his home boy...well not exactly, but my dad loved him. Me on the other hand. Sports kind of bore me. I could always grasp the concept of football but even as a cheerleader I was confused and I never had a clue if my team was on offense or defense, hahaha!

*meaghan* said...

go hawks! (because i'm from seattle. and living in oregon, it's an easy choice)


go patriots! (because my dad and ALL his family are huuuuuge fans, and from boston).

i love your pictures, just started following your blog, looking forward to reading more. i like a lot of thinks you like (tay swift <3. cowboy boots. just to name 2).


Erika S. said...

I have two favorite teams--the seahawks, my hometown-ish team, and the Packers, my not so hometown team. I have a connection to both because of location, and I love the Packers still, without Farve to throw for them. They have proven that they don't need him on their team just to win but rather do just fine without!

Anonymous said...

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