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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vintage cameras, penny bracelet and a Chicken

Many of my earliest and most vivid childhood memories come from trips to Beaverton, Oregon to visit my grandparents. That was vacation growing up (other than the year I was 15 and we went to Disneyland). It wasn't like Hawaii, or Walt Disney World, or Ski trips that the other kids took, but I felt like THEY were the ones missing out, because they didn't have the grandparents that I had.

One of my favorite things was garage saling. We'd wake up early in the morning (sometimes 5am!) and we'd head out in the car... my grandpa, my mom, my uncle Jim (gramps' brother), my dad and me. We'd spend the entire morning going from garage sale to garage sale looking for the best buy. Sometimes my grandpa would send me up with some weird tool or contraption and my little 4 year old self would sweetly ask, "would you take a quarter for this?" As my reward for getting it cheap (because who can say no to an adorable little blond girl?) I'd get a big hug and a handful of quarters, and off we'd go to the next sale.

***Here's a picture of me as a kid to prove how cute I was :)***

Last week I felt like a kid again. A really, really excited kid. Friday we got up early and we went to garage sales. But then, on Saturday, we went to the Antique show! Contrary to what mom told me Friday night ("Now Diandra, this is not just a big garage sale")... it was TOTALLY like a big garage sale!!! We spend all day walking around to 1000 or so different vendors. It seemed like we didn't even make a dent in it! It was so much fun watching my grandpa find treasures and get so excited. My mom and grandma found a few things, but I really made out. I wanted to share some pictures of our day with you. Not the typical pictures you find on my blog, but there were so many cool things.

Here are a few of the many treasures we found:

I was looking for cameras the whole time... I found lots that I loved, but not so many that I could afford :)

My uncle had a toy like this as a kid. My little cousin still has it!

This... well... this is me. And a deer. An unfortunate deer.

Very old radios. I'd love to have one of these!

My legs were so tired by the end of the day that I was resting them one by one. My mom thought I looked like a flamingo. So she took a picture.

I loved this couch. Such a great example of something old that had been made new again.

This camera was soooo cool. But it was $900. And I dont think it would fit on the airplane.

This is an old set of heated curlers and a hairdryer. Those wouldn't fit on the airplane either. I don't know how people used to travel! I suppose they didn't have airplanes back then either...

I absolutely love the old country stuff. I wish I could have bought it all!

It was a great day with lots of fun and lots of very cool old stuff. I managed to find several vintage cameras for my collection. As well as a very cool bracelet made of pennies and a coral bracelet with a chicken charm. Yes, a chicken. And I love it :)


Bianca said...

Chicken charm?! Oh no! Come home NOW. I think we may lose you to the country bumpkins who live in the boondocks of Oregon ;P

Tira J said...

OMG!!! I loved this post! I so badly want to find some vintage cameras. How fun!!!


I love the pics...But what i like the most is your hair...you look so much younger...Love the color...its just nice....I hope to see you soon!

Jewelielyn said...

i'm glad you had fun! i was worried you would get tired of it after an hour or two . . . it was fun to share this with you!!