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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's Hang Out!!!

Do you remember this picture?

Or this blog post?
These are both from a wonderful "group shoot" I participated in a while back. The fabulous Chris Austin of White Haute Photogtraphy put together this wonderful opportunity for photographers of all levels to come together and shoot. There were several "models" and hair and make up people were on hand. It was a fabulously wonderful time, and I was so thrilled with the pictures that I received! I learned so much and I wasn't even shooting! It wasn't a formal workshop or class, it was simply a hands on chance to shoot with people who thought differently than I did.

Fast forward...

One of my favorite resources is David Jay's photography Forum, Open Source Photo. You can find all kinds of great info as well as networking opportunities. One of the things that I think is awesome about the forum is the section that is divided by region. Talk about easy networking! A couple of weeks ago, I posted a simple post on that forum:

"Anyone in the LA/OC area want to get together and set up a shoot? It's always fun to learn from others and network!"

I was absolutely blown away by the response! So I've decided to turn it into a "group shoot". We'll be doing a bridal shoot in a natural setting. The brides will have hair and make up done by a fabulous make up artist... as well as beautiful flowers by an amazing florist!!! I am still working out details but the date I'm looking at is August 22. There will be a small cost to cover the expenses of the shoot ($50 or less) and I want to get the word out! So if you are a photographer out there who is interested, let me know so I can contact you when I have details!

I would REALLY encourage you to take this opportunity. Networking is crucial and practice makes... well... better. All you have to do is show up with your camera... it is a great opportunity!

So get back to me if you are interested! Leave a comment on here with your email address or contact info. You can also get updates by following me on twitter, joining my facebook page, or checking back here on the blog!

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


Joe.Kathrina said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! Go you! Sign us up! Joe & myself. New email address for us too...blog up next :) joe.kathrina@gmail.com Keep us posted! -Kathrina

Frances said...

I am totally interested.


thanks for doing this!