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Monday, October 27, 2008

I trashed my dress!!!

I've talked on here before about Trash the dress. I LOVE this trend! I think its such a fun idea.

But today, I joined in on a TTD session on the OTHER side. Yep, I was a model :)

And you know what, I learned SO MUCH! And I had a blast... so I thought I'd share some photos.

There will be more in the coming days as more of the photographers post images (there were 15!!!), but here are a couple from Chris Austin who hosted the shoot at March Air Base in Riverside.

Here are some by Mark Christensen... that is who I shot with most of the day and he did an AMAZING job!

And a couple more by Erin Austin:

Again, I highly recommend a session like this to all of my future brides... Make it something that is YOU! And feel free, of course, to include your husband :)


andrea blair | photography said...

Congrats on your TTD session! I also really the new photos J* took...isn't fun being the model for a change :D

Keep blogging!


Tim Halberg said...

how fun! I love these!

www.luciaphotography.com said...

Is this you? Im sorry I been so busy with x-mas and stuff I havent blogged the photos yet. Hopefully January I'll get to bog them or during some down time around the holidays. But is this you? Cuz it doesnt look like you. :=)

ohana photographers -david and kimi said...

mark did an amazing job! love em!