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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Automatic Out of Office reply

I hate those emails.
The ones that come when someone is on some fabulous vacation and they're going to be gone so long that they make their email automatically respond.
Not only am I sad that I cannot reach the person I am trying to email, but it is only worsened by the fact that I am NOT on a fabulous vacation somewhere far, far away.

Well, consider this your not-so-automatic out of...uh... California reply.

I am leaving today to fly up to Oregon and visit my family. My mom and I have done this for the last couple of summers and we always have a blast. I don't remember the last time I took a vacation... like a real vacation where I didn't do any work at all, I just relaxed and enjoyed life.

So while in Oregon, I may not blog. I have several awesome shoots planned while I'm there (my cousins, and my adorable little niece that I have been DYING to get my camera on!)... but mostly I just want to relax and enjoy. So here is fair warning that blogs may not appear until I get back home on the 15th.

But maybe I'll surprise you... I never have been very good at keeping away from the blog for long!

On another note... some of you who follow me on twitter or facebook may have seen the following announcement a couple of days ago:

"Just ordered a new computer!!! So exciting!!! Its little and its red :)


Bianca said...

Dear Friend:
Have a blast and hurry home soon!


http://snykatzin.blogspot.com/ said...

=( Why are you doing this to me...You make me an addict and then you just leave me here suffering...=(
=( That's not nice =(
Well anyway... have fun and enjoy your vacation... You deserve one...Take care and I will miss your posts...But I will survive =P
God Bless!

Diandra Ann said...

Dear B... I miss you. Let's hang out when I get back! xoxo

Suany... dont worry, I couldnt hold to it... there are plenty blogs to come!


Thank Diandra...I really like your blogs!