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Monday, June 8, 2009

Friends in need

I feel as though I've talked a lot recently about friendships and networking and community. Fittingly enough, one of my favorite photogs, Amy Wenzel, posted a blog today that made my heart sink. I wanted to pass it along:

I don’t know how to write this so I am just going to begin. Here’s the situtation. The workshop has been cancelled. I said goodbye to the girls at the mixer party and booked the first flight I could get to San Francisco. I’m sitting in a hospital bed with my husband David right now. Yesterday morning I received a phone call from paramedics that David suffered a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors have found a mass in his brain. We are still waiting for more information and biopsy. They believe it to be cancer at this point. In all of this we believe and trust in our savior Jesus Christ who is not only our source of salvation, but our hope, joy and healer. We are asking that you pray for us. I have specifically asked God to raise a multitude of people to pray for us during this trial. We need strength, clarity of mind for making important decisions regarding his treatment, and we need more faith than we have ever had before. Please pray for David’s complete healing.

David is in good spirits and on the outside seems healthy. I can’t really wrap my head around what is happening. I can only trust God. True to form, David has updated his facebook and his blog with a detailed account of what went down. He can tell it much better than I. I only wish I could have been by his side when it all went down. My friends, we covet your prayers.



Amy is an outstanding photographer but she is just as amazing of a person. I don't know her personally, but my heart goes out to her and her husband and their family in this time of need. Please take the time to lift them up in your prayers today.

Here's a picture of Amy and her husband, David (I borrowed it from J* because Amy was hard to find on her own blog :)

Hang in there Amy! We're praying for you!


stephanie fay said...

Hi diandra! Isn't this so sad? Gods plan will show its purpose soon enough....all we can do is pray right?!

gina said...

i sent prayers their way.

Diandra Ann said...

Steph I love your comment! Yes... all WE can do is pray... but GOD can do such great things with this!

Gina... thanks for praying too!