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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A grown up's dream

I still remember that Christmas.
The long, rectangular white box with the maroon band encircling it.
I squealed with joy when I felt the band under the wrapping paper and I quickly tore it off.
My American Girl Doll.
I had wanted one soooooo badly.
I'd even spent the day before watching my cousin unwrap one for her birthday, and I remember being so jealous.
And now, I was holding her in my arms!
More than 13 years later, I still remember that feeling.

I feel a little like that right now!
Why, you ask?
Because I just ordered a Shootsac! I've been eyeing them since I started a couple of years ago, but I've put it off. After my shoot today with three adorable kiddos at the beach (can't WAIT for you to see those pictures!)... I decided that it is necessary. I have a couple of weddings coming up and a lot more shoots, and I need a better way to carry my equipment. My backpack is too heavy, my canon bag is too bulky... so I did it.

It should be here in just a few short days... and don't worry, I'll post plenty of pictures!
But for now, check out the coolness!

This is what I ordered:
Check out how much it holds!

You can also buy these super cool covers! I'll be investing in one of those soon! Maybe even a personalized one... as soon as I have a logo nailed down :)
I'm sure I'll feel even more like that 10 year old on shootsac day... when it finally arrives! I can't wait! :)

And just a little side note... this is one of the things I listed on my life list :) Click HERE to read more.


Muir Adams said...

Very cool! I really like my shootsac. Super handy, and very trendy :-) I have the cover in the bottom right of the photo with the black and brown. I felt it was the most manly looking of the bunch :-)

Tira J said...

Very cool Diandra! You are going to love it. And, it gets better as time goes on, because it will stretch out a tad.