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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Biggest Loser

When I was a little kid, we lived in a small town. We would often visit the local Pizza Hut after church on Sundays. One such Sunday, there was a stuffed Chester Cheetah doll hanging by the cash register.
It was a contest!
I just HAD to have that cheesy cheetah toy.
So I entered.
And I won!
I felt like the luckiest girl in the world! And I was convinced that I was actually the luckiest girl in the world.
Well, internet, aparently my luck has run out.

I am now,

Yes, internet, you read that correctly. And before you all go and give me the "high-self-esteem-you're-great-just-the-way-you-are-no-one-is-a-loser" speech... hear me out.

One of my favorite things to do in my down time (ha!) is blog stalk. I love checking out other people's blogs... my mom's blog, my cousin's blogs, my friends from high school blogs, random blogs I find humorous... and especially blogs that have anything to do with photography.

When I first got into photography, I didn't really know much. I knew I loved taking pictures, and I'd taken classes in high school (back in the day of film and dark rooms). But I didn't have any formal training. Working a full time job and still trying to have a life, I decided I would teach myself. So I did. I read every book I could find, googled anything I could think of that even remotely had to do with photography, asked questions of anyone with a camera that would listen, found online forums, and eventually... blogs. The first one I found was Jasmine Star's. From there, I branched out. But I learned so much from checking out images, reading FAQ's, watching interviews and videos, and reading comment feedback from fellow followers.

One of the things I discovered quickly were contests. They seemed to pop up everywhere! Sometimes a contest called for a photo submission, sometimes you had to answer a question, sometimes it was simply a matter of leaving a comment and a winner was picked at random.

The prizes varied... sometimes it was equiptment, sometimes camera bags, or a spot in a workshop. Even photoshop actions were named as prizes. As a new photographer with minimal equiptment and resources and limited finances.

Jasmine Star...
MCP Actions...
Jessica Claire...
Scarlett Lillian...
Totally Rad Actions...
Kubata Image Tools...
And several others all have had occasional contests.

So I entered.
All of them.
Every single contest I came across.

And I lost.
All of them.
Every single contest I came across.

I did make it as a finalist in one contest, but was just BARELY beat out.

Today, after finding out I lost ANOTHER contest for a Tracy Joy bag (which is really something I could use... I've been trying to win a new camera bag for months!), I am feeling like the biggest contest loser ever.

Maybe I'll have my own contest.
And maybe it'll be rigged so I can FINALLY win a contest!

As for that Chester Cheetah doll?
We took him on one of our missions trips.
He is happily celebrating life in the arms of a child in Mexico.


Jewelielyn said...

i'm sorry you never win. but the contests have been fun. remember the six word story contest? we had a great time with that one--i still think of those sometimes. and the tag line contest? you actually came up with an idea you could use! so i think you can count that as a win--even if you didn't get the prize . . .

Anonymous said...

Remember that in contests, the best person or best entry doesn't always win. Especially when you have people judging that don't have knowledge or understanding of the talent. Think "American Idol" and a few others. Many times the person I think is the best doesn't always win. Also, some of these contests are like the lottery and you know how many people win that.
Keep entering contests!!!!!!!!!

Grams said...

I wwrote the anonymous comment. Guess I sent it wrong...Grams I'm still learning...

Kare said...

lol at least you FIND the contests! I usually come across them the day AFTER they've closed. Makes me a bigger loser - do I win something for that? :-)

White Flower said...

This is hilarious!!! I love that you posted the picture of Chester, too :)

Diandra Ann said...

Thanks for your encouragement guys :) One day I'll WIN!