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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everyday: Evan and Kade

The first time I heard him speak, I knew we'd be friends. It wasn't some great connection, or some wonderful words of wisdom... it was the fact that he had grown up about 10 miles away from my small Oregon hometown. Now, 2 years later, I am glad to call John a friend. His oldest boy, Kade, just turned 8. His birthday present? Every kid's dream... a puppy! They adopted Shester from the pound and decided that documentation was needed. So we headed to a park fondly referred to as the "dinosaur park" near their house.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Evan was a little ham right off the bat :) That continued throughout the entire session.
Kade was a little more timid, but was loving the time with Shester.
Kade stole dad's hat...
The newest member of the family... Shester.
I think Evan was probably plotting something.

Shester attacked!
Kade is loving his birthday present!!!
I think these two are two of my favorites!So so cute.

After Kade pushed Evan down the slide, John encouraged Shester to join in. He did. Happily.
This is probably my favorite. I promise I didn't pose these!

John entertaining Shester while the boys played. I'm not even sure he knows I have these :)

Family picture time.
This is just so their personality!Thanks for the fun boys!


Jewelielyn said...

i'll bet you got your exercise following two small boys and their dog around a park!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the close up of the dog, the black and white of kade and the shot of evan up against the yellow background. and the one of kade and his dad. and the last one of the family. and the one of kade and shester with the dog's tongue out!! and the double one of the two boys. and a few others, but i guess i should stop before i list them all!!

White Flower said...

D, these are FABULOUS!!!! Great job :) I'm so happy.

So... when are you posting this weekend's party?

Diandra Ann said...

thanks mom :)

B... hopefully the first part in the next few days. Im learning to be disciplined and edit shoots in the order in which I shoot them. So I have a couple more things to get through first...

~*JaNa*~ said...

I've known John for years, since that small Oregon town, and I have to say, I love these pics. You really captured the boys' zest for life and desire for constant adventure. Shester is sooo cute and the single pic of him is precious!! It is obvious John loves his boys and is a very hands on and fun loving dad. . . . great photos to remember a spetacular day for the family!