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Monday, February 4, 2008

Live like you were dying

I heard a song on the radio today that I hadn't heard in a long time. It's by Tim McGraw and it's called "Live Like you were Dying". It's a WONDERFUL song... and a great reminder to live everyday to the fullest.

Recent events in my life have really made me think extra hard about this. It's amazing how God can use the worst of circumstances to remind you of how blessed you really are. It's also amazing how sometimes we have to think about death in order to remember life.

I've been keeping a "Life List" for quite some time, but I thought I'd share it with you after hearing that song. I think EVERYONE should have a life list! It's a great thing to have goals! So here is my life list. I'd love to hear what is on yours!

-scuba dive the great barrier reef COMPLETED

-run a 5k COMPLETED

-run a 10k

-name a star

-write "Mr. Pearson's Pumpkins"

-run a marathon

-buy a shootsac and a canon 5d

-go on a hot air balloon ride

-Invest in someone's life COMPLETED

-audition for the Amazing Race IN PROGRESS

-Write a book

-Finish Photography project

-Get one of my photos published

-Fix up an old house

-Go to Denmark and find a long lost relative

-Learn to ballroom dance

-Do a photoshoot with Jasmine Star COMPLETED

-ride a gondola in Venice

-keep my blog updated for a year IN PROGRESS

-Start a family

-photograph a fish market in Greece


-Stand in Times Square

-buy a house

-Get my credentials

-find a new hobby

-Write a children’s book

-Photograph something spectacular on every continent IN PROGRESS

-Keep up with and Finish my scrapbook IN PROGRESS

-Go skydiving

-paint a picture and hang it in my house

-Donate hair to locks of love COMPLETED

-Coach a volleyball team

-learn to drive a motorcycle

-See the Panama Canal

-buy a Jeep wrangler COMPLETED

-Get a puppy

-eat something that seems gross COMPLETED

-Get my masters

-Train puppy to do tricks like in movies

-Get ordained IN PROGRESS

-Go on a missions trip to another country COMPLETED

-Be in a Movie

-Go to a horse race

-Go to Brazil

-learn to sail

-adopt a child

-go whale watching

-send my parents on a vacation

-see a pro football game live

-sleep in a castle

-take a trip on a motorcycle

-go on a safari

-Fill a sketch book

-Change someone's life COMPLETED

-See a volcano in Hawaii

-Go on a roadtrip with no destination

-Read the Bible from Beginning to end IN PROGRESS

-Be in a musical

-donate blood

-buy something on Rodeo Drive

-learn to cook

-build a habitat for humanity home

-marry my best friend

-learn to play chess IN PROGRESS

-stand on the Great wall of China

-learn to fence

-Go to Chile

-Write a play/screenplay

-See the Colosseum in Rome

-own a convertible COMPLETED

-spend an entire weekend without technology

-learn to fly an airplane

-visit the Grand Canyon

-Visit the Sydney Opera House

-become fluent (or at least conversational) in Spanish IN PROGRESS

-Get my website up and running COMPLETED

-visit all 50 states IN PROGRESS

-Write in a journal every day for a year

-Go to Haiti

-Hold a koala COMPLETED

-Photograph a wedding COMPLETED

-learn to try new things COMPLETED

-Make a living doing something I love COMPLETED

-hold an alligator

-drive a race car

-go rock climbing

-learn to play an instrument

-swim with whales

Just because I think EVERYONE should hear this song....

1 comment:

jewelielyn said...

wow! that is some list! you may have to pace yourself, or at least take really good care of yourself so you can be working on the list into your old age! maybe i should have made a list--i might have accomplished more!