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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Victoria's secret Angels and Photography

They're beautiful.
Tall, slender and curvy all at the same time.
They are perfectly tan, and their hair is perfectly coiffed.

They walk down the runway and they don't trip or fall.
They don't stumble...
They walk with grace and confidence.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Its an amazing thing, really.

Last night I tweeted something that started a conversation on my facebook wall. This is what I said: "I choose NOT to watch the VS fashion show. I think it promotes unrealistic body image and kills healthy self esteem in women."

I won't get into the debate it started, but my point was this: These women make a living off of their bodies. It is their JOB to work out and eat healthy and keep themselves in shape. They have professionals to help them and train them and guide them. So when average women, who work, and keep up a household, and take care of children, and dont have access to all of those same resources, watch the fashion show, and begin to compare themselves to these girls, it can be discouraging. Because most people watching this aren't taking into account all the work and time it has taken.

I think it is easy in this industry, especially starting out, to feel discouraged because you just don't match up to what you see on all the blogs. It is easy to feel like you will never be as good as some of the people whose blogs you read. I get into ruts sometimes... as I'm reading blogs and surfing the internet. I start to compare my work to the work of others. Often the work of others who have been doing this much longer than me. Or who have better equipment than I have. It can be discouraging and frustrating.

I think in all areas of our lives, we should stop comparing ourselves to the people around us, and start to focus on bettering ourselves for OUR sake. And compare away... but compare to your own before... not someone else's after. When I go back and look at myself several years ago, I can see how much weight I've lost and how much better shape I am in now. I know I feel better than I did a few years back because I am eating healthy and working out. Do I look like a Victoria's Secret Model? Nope. But I am much better than a couple of years ago. Same goes for my photography. When I look back to my first photo shoots, I can see how much I have improved over such a short time. It's not about if I'm as good as someone else, but rather, am I constantly improving?

So I encourage all of you today that are reading this blog... whether you are a client, a bride, a photographer, or just passing by... be the best you can be. Work to improve yourself. And compare away... but don't compare to other people or other's work. Challenge yourself and beat your own best!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!
I'm glad to be back from my Thanksgiving break :)

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FootPrints said...

i didnt watch either. no point really. plus Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was on...

Jewelielyn said...

wow! what a difference between those two blogs! it was brave of you to link that first wedding. i think most artists wish they could obliterate their first attempts so that people would only see their new and improved work. but what better way to see the improvement. great blog!

James Polits said...

Spot on about comparisons! I've been getting caught in comparing myself to others lately.

My two cents: We each are unique and bring our special-ness to our life situations. And growing and getting better is part of the journey.

Candee said...

"compare to your own before, not someone else's after"
wow. You're so right. It's such a simple concept that we overlook always. i know i do.
Thank you so much!

Andrea said...

Delurker coming out to say AMEN, sista! I loved this post because I too know what it's like to feel inferior as a budding photographer. It's so hard to not feel good enough when there are so many talented, amazing people out there. Great pep talk :)

Yeni said...

Hello, Diandra! Very good post. I am afraid I can start comparing my work to others now that I am begining, it can be frustrating for me to take photos anf feel very far of being good. So, I am going to tale your piece of advice, just challenge myself to be better than me. Thanks for the post. Remember your very very fan from Mexico! =)