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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for a break

It is almost Thanksgiving!
While most people are thawing out their turkeys, traveling to meet up with family, and taking extra naps to prepare for 4am shopping on black Friday... I am packing to go to Las Vegas.

Yes, Vegas.

I am an only child. My mom and dad and I all live here in Southern California... but all of my extended family lives all the way in Oregon. 17 hours away.

So we have a tendency to throw tradition out the window.
I mean really, how much turkey can 3 people really eat?
Definitely not a whole one... and I don't like stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy.

One year mom decided she would make "healthy" thanksgiving food. We had cauliflower mashed potatoes that year. And needless to say, they do NOT taste like real mashed potatoes. You can't fool me.

Last year we all went to TGI Friday's for our thanksgiving meal. It was open and we like TGI Fridays. And that meant no cooking for my mom.

This year, our plans are totally and completely different. We are only a couple of hours away from hopping in the car and driving 5 hours away to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes I know it seems like an odd choice, but Javi and I have decided to get married there in March. So we must make a plan. This seemed like the smart choice of time since all of us are off work.

So we are heading to Vegas for Thanksgiving. While some might scoff at us... I am quite excited. I am thankful for parents who are willing to help me plan a wedding (well, my mom at least... dad's decided he will sit by the pool and read while we traipse around town trying to make plans). I am thankful for a break from the business of life. I am thankful for a fiance who is giving up his holidays to fight for our country's freedom. I am thankful that traditions can be broken, and made more fun. I am thankful for lots of family, even if they are far away in Oregon that I love and that love me. I am thankful for my new family who invited me to spend thanksgiving with them, even though Javier is away. I am thankful for blog readers who have stuck with me through times of not blogging... and who read the random thoughts that come out of my head and into my computer. I am thankful for the opportunity to do something I love.

So even though I will not be sitting by the fire, eating turkey, watching parades and football, my heart is full of thankfulness.

Oh and there is of course one tradition that will never die... no matter where we are.

Wishing you all a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!
(Note... I will be out of the office and maybe not blogging until next week!)

And since blogs are way more fun when there are pictures...Here's a couple little pictures I took a few days ago at an impromptu session with my little nephew, Jaydn.



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FootPrints said...

Great photos!! have fun in Vegas and Happiest Thanksgiving!