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Saturday, September 11, 2010

FAQ Video Blog #2

So for those of you who patiently watched my entire video blog a couple of days ago... here is part 2.
A little shorter.
Just as many "ums".
Just as much arm flailing.

The answer that you will hear is in response to several questions about where I get inspiration from and what my style is. I get these questions a lot it seems... but I've kind of avoided them because they are so difficult to answer and nail down.

I may do a follow up post to this. As I say at the beginning of the video... I've seen different answers to this question (in different forms) on many blogs recently. I think it is something good to think about as photographers and I think it is good to always be looking for new inspiration and ideas.


Oh and please ignore the first sentence or two. It was left over from the last FAQ and I couldn't get rid of it :) Still learning to use this little flip!

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