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Thursday, July 22, 2010

FAQ: What's in my bag?

It's taken the world by storm.
And now it has taken over my house!!!

It started with my mom. Then my dad (I thought pigs were beginning to sprout wings at this point). And today... my grandmother tweeted. On twitter.

Pigs have sprouted wings and are flying freely throughout the air.

Social networking is really an amazing thing. I am grateful for the conversations that it has opened up. One of the questions that comes up routinely in those conversations is some form of "What's in your bag?"

So here it is.

I shoot with a Canon 5d. I ADORE it. It was given to me as a very generous gift and I am totally blessed by it! Seriously, it has made a huge difference in the quality of my photos.

I would like to take a minute and say this. I personally do not think you need a 5d to be a professional. I shot my first couple of weddings, and several sessions with a Canon Rebel Xti. Then I upgraded to a Canon 20d. I shot with that for a long time (it's still my back up), and then a Canon 30d. I thought I would shoot with that forever. I did notice a difference in the quality of my shots when I upgraded to the 5d, but the biggest difference I noticed is that my lenses are actually true to what they're supposed to be, because the 5d is full frame.

I adore prime lenses. I shoot 99% of my engagement and other sessions with my 50mm 1.4. I also use this for probably 80% of my weddings. It is for sure my favorite lens. I use it for ceremony shots, a huge portion of my portrait shots, and even some reception shots.

I also use an 85mm 1.8. I use this for close ups during portraits, and some during the ceremony. I also love it for a few first dance shots. It is good for low lit receptions if you want to get a little tighter on the bride and groom.

The newest lens I have come to love is the 28mm 1.8. This is great for "scene setting" shots. It's also a great one for large families!

I am a BIG advocate for prime lenses. I prefer them over any other lens. I would rather move my feet than zoom my lens. I have found that this has really changed the way I shoot. I love it.

I do occasionally use a 70-200 at weddings, and although I have heard some wedding photographers say this is a MUST HAVE if you will be shooting weddings, I have shot entire weddings without using it once.

On my wish list are the 15mm fish eye lens and the 100mm macro lens. I am looking forward to getting both of those at some point!

Lenses, and even camera bodies, are really a matter of preference. Like everything else. I would strongly suggest renting equipment before buying it, because it gets expensive and you want to be sure you are going to like what you are investing in.

Just for fun, here's a picture that my cousin, James, caught of me when I was shooting Sarah last week in Oregon.



Marissa Nicole said...

I have heard more people rave about 50mm lenses. I am terrible at changing lenses during shoots and especially weddings, I may have to invest in a prime lens. That much raving can't be for nothing.

ashleigh said...

great post diandra! i shoot only primes too and have all those same primes! i also have the 100mm macro & LOVE it. i'm sure when you get it you will fall in love too!