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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teaser: Anthropologie Inspired Shoot

It's only the BIGGEST Wedding photographer get together in the country!
In one of the most exciting places in the country.
With some of the greatest people in the country

And I'm sure its a blast.
But I'm not there.

I didn't go to WPPI in Las Vegas this year... instead I am sitting at a kitchen table in rainy Southern California.

So I feel the need to make up for the wonderful friendship making, fantastic photoshoots, and hundreds of coffee get togethers I'll be missing by doing my own friendship making, fantastic photoshoots and coffee get togethers.

So for any of you photogs in my area who DIDN'T go to WPPI and want to meet up, shoot, or just grab coffee... shoot me an email, DM me on twitter, or leave me a comment!

To appease my loathing self, I set up a fun shoot with my friend Courtney. You may remember Courtney from a past shoot. She is a FANTASTIC hair and make up artist based out of Seattle, Washington, but she is here often, and when she is we like to get creative.

Here is a little teaser of the Anthropologie inspired shoot we cooked up. More coming soon :)


Michelle said...

I know...I feel the SAME way! I've been checking my favorite blogs and all of them say, they'll be back AFTER WPPI! Don't worry Diandra, we'll have our turn eventually and rock the town :) At least you've been to a J* Workshop, so you are sooo ahead of the game! I am up for coffee, so can you accept a raincheck for April? :)

Michelle said...

BTW....FAB-ulous pics! Can't wait to see the rest!

Bianca said...

Okay, so we've already discussed that I loathe your teasers!

BUT I will say that this one was better because you posted 3 pictures :)

Can't wait to see the rest.

Shinks said...

Hey Diandra, I feel your pain, I too wish I could be in Vegas, hopefully next year. Coffee would be great, only thing is I live on the East side of the country, but maybe in the very near future.
P.S really enjoying your recent photos. Fabulous work.

-brittany- said...

I did not make it to WPPI either :( What a good use of your time! Love the anthro setup! awesome pics!