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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hits and Misses

10th grade.
A baseball bat and an oversized helmet.
And me.

I remember it as if it was yesterday...
I stepped up to the plate.
I swung, and I missed.
I missed HORRIBLY.
As in, the oversized helmet came down over my eyes and my entire body spun in a circle.

But here's the thing... I was always good at sports! I was always one of the first girls to be picked when we'd choose teams in PE. I loved it so much that I majored in it in college!

But for some reason that day, I was not on my game. I failed miserable. I missed.

The next time I was up to bat, I had even more determination and my overly competitive nature was sitting on my shoulder like the little devil telling me I had better hit it this time.
And I did. I whacked that ball so hard that it hurt my hands. It sailed over the heads of the girls who were hiding in the outfield, and I quickly ran around the bases. I hit it!

Today I am officially introducing "Hits and Misses". It's a popular concept amongst bloggers... and I'm jumping on the bandwagon :) This is my chance to share with you all of the things that are making my adrenaline rush at the moment... and a couple of things that have failed miserably.

1. Cadbury Eggs.
Typically I'm not a big sweets eater (with the exception of cookies!)... but I could eat 10 Cadbury Eggs a day! They are soooo yummie! And even more so because they only come around once a year!2. Hard Candy Lip gloss in "girl next door"
I have a hard time finding lip gloss I love, but this I LOVE! The color is perfect, and it goes with everything! I have literally used up 2 tubes in the last 2 months! I dont know if I've ever used up a whole tube of lip gloss before.
3. Smugmug Pro
I am sooo excited to be using this! I've played around with different options for a while now for my online proofing and ordering, but I adore smugmug. It's easy to use and the customer service is awesome!4. Green Wedding Shoes
I loooove me some blogs! I could probably spend the better portion of an entire day looking through blogs... and especially wedding planning and photography blogs. I came accross the Green Wedding Shoes blog not long ago and I'm hooked!
5. The [b] school
I've heard so much about Becker's photographer school, but I hadn't jumped on board entirely. I'd followed him (and the [b] school) on twitter, and became a fan on facebook, but I hadn't subscribed. Until today. I can't wait for all the knowledge I know I'm going to get.6. Live in the Name of Love
This is a blog written by my good friend Bianca and I ADORE it. I look forward to reading it everyday! It always encourages me, uplifts me and challenges me. She rocks! Check it out and leave her a comment!
1. Oversized helmets in high school PE.
Enough Said

2. Taxes
Ug... I'm goraning over them already!

3. Slow computers
Maybe it's just that I'm trying to do too much at one time. What can I say, I'm a multitasker :)

And since pictures are so fun... here's one from my recent shoot with my friend Angela:


Bianca said...

I'm so touched! I love you. I really, really do.

Jewelielyn said...

i think it is nice that you have more hits than misses. that is a sign of a good week! and i don't know how you can eat those cadbury eggs--they are so sweet, my insides shiver just thinking about them. and not in a good way!!

Tracy Laulhere said...

Hi Diandra! It was so nice to meet you at the j* workshop last week, though it's hard to believe it was a week ago! I just wanted to say I'm enjoying your blog, and love the photos of Angela and Cori, and am totally on board with the Cadbury Eggs! I hope you're doing well. Let me know if you'd ever like to get together (I'm local). Tracy

KHK said...

Cadbury eggs are prolly one of the best candies ever made. I'm w you on the 10 a day....not a good thing either ;) Love you!

AbraMichelle said...

YAY! I was the same way about the [b] school. Followed the blog for SO long but never had the guts to commit. Finally did last week and have already enjoyed the videos I have watched. Hope to get to meet you in Vegas if you are going.