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Friday, February 19, 2010

Everyday: Edo

This may have been the craziest week of my life.
No joke.
And it's not slowing down.

I've been editing a really great shoot that I can't wait to share with you. One of our models had me take a few new head shots for him after we were done shooting, and I kind of love them.

I'm leaving today to take a great group of teens up to the Mountains for winter camp. And I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow. It's gonna be a crazy weekend. So I'll be back to blogging as usual next week :) Have a wonderful weekend!


Jennifer said...

Diandra! These are so cool! But I'm curious...from what I've seen of your work, you're mostly natural light, eh? So is this natural light or are you using lighting? (Cuz its a-ma-zing!)

Diandra Ann said...

Hi Jennifer. Nope, it's natural lighting. it was in the middle of the day too... we found a great spot with good shade :)

Bianca said...

Is he single? I'd like to hook him up with Melanie if he loves Jesus!!!