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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Everyday: Baby Jacob

I've never really been sure if I wanted children of my own.
I have a hard time being around crying babies and whining kiddos. And I've never understood the choice to put yourself through gaining crazy weight and housing a living being in your belly... not to mention the pain of childbirth itself.
Until now.
When I walked into that hospital room at St. Judes and saw baby Jacob laying there, I was breathless.
And speechless.
Which doesn't happen often.
But I was face to face with a miracle.
A child that had been in his mom's tummy just minutes before.
And I couldn't believe it.
Here are a few pictures from the hospital. I'm doing his newborn pictures this week, so more are coming!!! :)


Bianca said...

What a great experience! I'm so happy for you :)

The baby is truly beautiful!

Jewelielyn said...

you shot the newborn baby trifecta--tiny baby feet, precious baby face, and baby's first reaction to the world (screaming "where the heck am i?!?!?!) lovely pics!

JennAngelica said...

Thank you SO much Diandra! We love them! :)

Jennifer Pinkerton said...

I love how, in that last picture, it looks like the Dad is just in awe of his wife and child -- "is that really mine?"

Super sweet!