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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Over the river and through the woods..

Its tradition.
As in... We do it every year.
It's 3:30am and I am in our family car with my mom and dad (writing this on my cell phone)... Heading to Oregon.  I grew up in Oregon, and the majority of my family still lives there. So every year, my mom and dad and I make the 17 hour trek up the 5 to my grandma's house.  

Some may think its crazy... Others may question why we don't just fly... But hello people... Experience! Every year it is an experience. Every year my mom and I stay up all night the night before while my dad goes to sleep extra early so he'll be wide awake (during which my mom and I always crash).  Every year I bring one pillow. which really should be enough... but it never is. So this year, I brought 3! Because THIS year, I will sleep well!

So now I'm going to turn off my phone... plug is my headphones... and finally go to sleep. It is 4am and I'm just goin to sleep :) I have all kinds of sessions to blog in the upcoming week, as well as a look back on the year, some of my favorite photos from 2009 and probably some fun stories from our trip... so make sure to check back!


KHK said...

Have fun! GIve Becca and Heidi hugs from me please :) Love you!

Jewelielyn said...

yeah, when a person has 3 pillows, you would think they could share--or at least drive for a while so someone else could enjoy all that soft cushiness for a little while . . . :)

Brianna said...

merry christmas Diandra! If it were me, I'd fly and meet my family there. :)