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Sunday, November 1, 2009

In a nutshell...



Rest, relaxation.

Blogging Vacation.

It's been a crazy week! I will be back to my usual blogging self this week I hope.

I was so blessed to be a bridesmaid in my friend, Sarah's wedding last weekend. It was a fun change to be in the wedding instead of shooting it. The awesomely talented Tracy Blake was Sarah's photographer. I can't wait to see what she ended up with! For now, here are a couple shots!

This one is from Tracy. (I'm the one on the end!)

The rest are from my little point and shoot. I managed to leave my other camera at home :)
Me and the beautiful bride!
The maid of honor and me at the reception.


melissa said...

Hey Diandra - Just wanted to say, "Hi" - I found your link from Bianca's in the name of love blog...LOVE your photography. :) I am not a photographer but I love looking at photo blogs... :) Did I read that right... you are in cerritos...we are in Buena Park. :) Anyway - take care and God Bless!

Bianca said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs!!! Now that Baby is back in Mama's arms, we can reconnect. Love you :)