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Saturday, September 5, 2009


There's a saying, "Dance like no one is watching".
I do this... all the time. Only I dance WHEN no one is watching.
I grew up not dancing... I never went to school dances, or took dance classes, but somewhere inside of me was this little dancer wanting to come out. Whenever my bedroom door closed and my music turned on, I would prance and twirl around my bedroom. But the second anyone would open my door, I'd immediately stop.
Now I'm 24. I still dance around the house when no one is looking.

I believe that dancing is such an art. It absolutely moves me, just as a photo or a well written story can move me. One of my favorite shows is "So You Think You Can Dance". Every season I watch this show, it makes me wish more and more that I could dance like these amazingly talented young adults. It also occasionally moves me... to tears. Like sitting in my seat, crying like a baby, tears.

I wanted to share a couple of those performances with you. You may be wondering "How is this even a little bit photography related?" Well, this blog isn't always about photography, it is also about me and my life... but I do believe this is related. Photography is an art. And when I take a picture... I want that picture to simply be an extension of my heart, my mind, my thoughts, my feelings... at that point in time. Dancing is a great way to do the same thing... So with that... here are a couple that have made me think... or feel.

This is a powerful statement. I think sometimes dancing, or photos, or written works... sometimes art speaks to people who wont listen to anything else. This one hit me hard. I have never battled an addiction but I have been in a situation where there was a pull that I could not seem to get away from. This one hits me everytime I watch it.

This last one makes me tear up every time I watch it. For anyone who has watched someone deal with cancer, or has lost someone to that difficult battle... this is a powerful powerful dance.

I love that song by Leanne Womack, "I hope you dance". It's a great song about living your life and not becoming calloused by growing up and going through things in life. So today... wherever you're at in life... Dance. Whether you literally dance, or just metaphorically speaking... dance like no one is watching... even when they are :)


This shot is from my session with Chris and Erinn Austin. It's one of my favorite pictures of me ever. Dance :)

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courtneypooler said...

You made me cry pretty lady. I think our hearts might be made of the same fabric....