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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prayer changes things

It's like a broken record in my head as I sit by myself in the hospital waiting room... Typing this on my phone. Prayer changes things. Prayer changes things. Prayer changes things.

I believe in God... A great and powerful God... A great and powerful God who loves me more than I can imagine... And who loves the ons I love more than I ever could.  There are times when I feel so small and insignificant... Helpless.  But never hopeless. That is because when I'm at the end of what I can take and it seems like there's nothing left... My God is there.  There is always hope.

Today I'm feeling small, insignificant, helpless and scared as I sit in this hospital waiting room. Someone I love is sick. Someone I love is hurting. Someone I love has scared me half to death. But I know that as much as I love this person... God loves them more. And I am not hopeless. I also know that prayer changes things... Prayer changes EVERYTHING.  So at times like this when I feel small and insignificant... Like there's nothing I can do... I choose to trust God and pray.  

This morning... I'd ask you to pray too. If you  feel small and insignificant... Helpless or hopeless... Cry out to God. He is bigger than anything you are facing... And He loves you more than you can imagine. Prayer changes things. It really does.


Bianca said...

I'm TOTALLY praying for you. Text me with some news...

Scuotto Graphics Plus Blog said...

Hey Diandra, your in my prayers. From time to time in our life we need to sit and wait and just be patient. I know during those times it is very hard to not feel small, helpless and scared, that is when satan attacks us. The only tricks he has is lies. Remember, you got God on your side. He will help you through this to.

I try to think about what my mom has said to me from time to time, "this to shall pass."


Carroll said...

As I pray with you Diandra, please let me know if it's something with your Mom or Dad. I knew you Dad wasn't feeling good Saturday and your Mom didn't blog last night so I'm concerned.
Love you!

Heston said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend!

Joe and Kathrina Photography said...

Prayer is powerful. God is powerful. I pray that you're getting through this. That your loved one will have strength. That you will continue to have strength.

Michelle said...

I second Bianca. I pray that your loved one is healed and those around you find peace in these difficult times. You are so right, God is so big and his love for us is endless. It is comforting knowing that we can hand over our trials and give them to such an incredible loving God.

Hayley said...

I came here to spread some blog love ~ I am a fan of your photography and even more so of your words. You are kind to share so much of yourself with your readers ~ it is honorable and Your faith is admirable.

Anonymous said...

"The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord!" - Job 1:21
God takes away what He has given at some point in time, but God will always provide the necessities for you and your family, as long as you have faith in Him. I'll be praying for you and your family. If there's any way I can help, please let me know. I believe everything will be okay. Hang in there, Diandra.
Love always,