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Friday, August 28, 2009

I ♥ Faces:fix it Friday

You may have seen the somewhat regular posts I've been posting from I ♥ Faces. Here is another cool thing they do... it's called "Fix-it Friday". A photo is submitted, and then the assignment is to use photoshop to make it even better.

I am a huge photoshop advocate, but the thing I love about this is that usually they start out with a photo that is decent... and our job is to make it better! That is what photoshop should be for... for making things better... not necessarily for fixing mistakes. So I thought I would jump on board and give my submission :)

So here's the original:


And here's my version:



amymom24 said...

I love the dreaming processing - beautiful work!

Vida Carson said...

I agree! Photoshop should be used as a way to enhance your photos :] you did a lovely job on this photo! Love the warm tones.

Jewelielyn said...

i love it! your editing makes her face really pop out of the photo. this is going to be an especially tough week to judge, i think . . .