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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Face to Face... Mug to Mug...

When I was 4, we moved from Washington to Oregon. Within the first month or so of being there, our family attended a family camp with our new church. In my adventures around the campground I found a caterpillar. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I began walking around, showing it to everyone in the campground. Eventually, I made it through everyone in our church and moved on to the other people in the campground. Several hours later, my frantic parents found me in the ranger's station. I had no idea that I was lost, or that anything was wrong.

I've always been a people person. I am not shy by any means... I love talking and meeting new people... However, Thursday night I found myself completely intimidated. I walked into the meeting room where Jasmine Star would be hosting the Smug Mug User Group, and I was so nervous. It was a great night, full of wonderful information (that resulted in the decision to use Smug Mug for my own business). It was also a night of making fun connections.

I found myself face to face, or mug to mug :), with several of the industry's top professionals. As nervous as I was, I had no reason to be. I am so blessed to live in an area where people in the same industry don't compete... they learn and help each other.

So for all of you who were there that I met... you're amazing and I'm so glad to be in business with you... and for those of you I didn't meet... I hope to soon!

Here are some pictures I took off of Jasmine's blog:

My friend Melody who I featured a couple of weeks ago on my blog, provided the treats. Melody you did an AWESOME job! They were raved about! :)





Some wonderful speakers were on board to share about their company. (and Bobby Earle got some pictures!) Jasmine spoke too. You did awesome girl!





Jewelielyn said...

ok--i would have come just for the tiny treats! they look scrumptious!!

cassandra m said...

Girl...I wish I couldn't been there. I will wait to hear more aobut your thoughts on SmugMug. I haven't had a chance to look into them, but have only heard the MOST fantastic stuff so far. Do post your opinions and advice later. best always...

Grams said...

I must meet that gal who does the treats. They look scrumptious..Glad you had a good, informative time among friends. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Lydia said...

I wish I could have been there! I went to Jasmine's Workshop and flew back the day before the SMUG! :-(

Nicole said...

Ahh! I can totally relate. We will have to say hello at the next one! I am so digging you business cards and congrats on the website. I think I am like 6 months behind you haha. :) Best of luck with your business!