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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wiggles and Giggles: Samantha

They affectionately call her "Peanut". She's full of energy and spunky. She's the very definition of a tom-boy, living with two older brothers, her dad and her uncle Who you saw in my last post). The boys definitely outnumber the girls. And yet, her 6th birthday was filled with Disney Princesses. One of her favorite presents? A Disney princess bicycle. I headed over to her house to catch her in action.

She was very excited to show me the princesses on her bicycle.

even though she's teeny tiny in the corner of this picture, I just really like it.
I love this one:

Near the end of our photo taking, her uncle Javier got on his motorcycle and went on a "bike" ride with her. Maybe a little illegal, but definitely hilarious, and Samantha thought it was great!


Anonymous said...

omg look at my beautiful sisters peanut n crystal!!!
wow!!! u did an amazing job Diandra!!!

-Esther "Crystal n Samatha's sis"

Diandra Ann said...

Thanks Esther! Sometime we'll have to take all of you! :)