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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Everyday: Javier

Looks can be deceiving. I think it's human nature to make assumptions and judgments about people based on their appearance. What they look like, the clothes they wear, the way they carry themselves, the people they associate with, the places they hang out. The problem with this, is if we made decisions based on those assumptions, we often times miss out on wonderful friendships.

I met Javier a few years ago when he came to work at our church. We merged our primarily English speaking church with his primarily Spanish speaking church. The rest is history. Many people make judgments based on Javier's appearance. He is a bald Cuban man with facial hair. But the second you begin to talk and interact with him, he'll completely wipe away all of the stereotypes (well except maybe that of being a "tough guy").

One of his hobby's is his motorcycle. Having grown up riding motorcycles with my dad, I think that's a pretty cool hobby. I took the opportunity to get a couple cool pictures of him with his motorcycle (and a couple of it by itself because it's just so cool).

Enjoy :)

I'll leave you with a preview of what is coming up next... because I think you may see a resemblance to this post :)


Mark Brooke Photographers said...

Rad bike!

Diandra Ann said...

yeah, it is pretty cool. makes me want to learn to ride one...