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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Everyday: Erika :: part 2

People often ask me what my favorite part of shooting is. I think that is such a hard question to ask because I honestly love every minute of it! I enjoy booking a shoot and having the first interactions with my clients. I like thinking about the shoot and getting excited and coming up with brilliant ideas :) I love taking photos... interacting with my clients (and friends!) and helping them feel at ease and enjoy themselves. I also really like post processing... I like seeing the photo that came out of my camera and making it into a piece of art!

The shoot I had last week with Erika is probably my favorite to date. I feel like so much of myself is in these photos. I hope you enjoy the second half :)

I love this shot. The dress, the location, the girl. Beautiful!

I think the house in the background is so cool... it reminds me of a cool old beach house :)
Seriously, could she be more stunning?
This was an in between poses shot and I LOVE it! It just shows her personality!
I love shots that are natural and fun. Like this one!
Erika, you rocked this shoot!

One of my faves...


My Sweet & Saucy said...

I love all of these ones too! She is simply gorgeous and you captured her so well!

Jasmine said...

Gorrrrrgeous!!! :)

Jewelielyn said...

my favorite one (although it is hard to choose) is the first one after the big orange tree--that's erika. but i also especially like the first one and the way you used the effects. and of course the ones with the cool car :)

sarah said...

**meant to put this here..."where is this location at?" :)

Diandra Ann said...

Thanks you guys! This is my fav shoot to date I think. She made it so easy!

Sarah... This place is off a road, off the ortega hwy... sorry it's not more specific... I followed mapquest and I'm HORRIBLE with directions.