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Friday, March 6, 2009

Time to re-vamp and clean out!

So I've been giving clues to an upcoming surprise... which I am still working on... but in the mean time, I have decided it is time to re-vamp my business and clean out my stuff :)

This is what my desk looks like today:

You will notice a few things...first of all, there's a mess of stuff and that is not even half of it!
Second... Jasmine Star's blog (i didn't even notice that until I snapped the picture)... I think I might be addicted :)
Third... an empty camera bag... but not for long :)
Fourth.. my good ol' rebel. Yes. I still keep it around. Its a good little camera.

Keep watching for upcoming surprises!!!


Jewelielyn said...

here's what i notice--my rhinestone butterfly clip is on your desk! bring it back!! lobe you :)

kristen leigh photography said...

woot woot for productive work days!