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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Teaser: Amy's everyday shoot

Today I got to do a shoot for a friend of my mom's. Amy works with my mom at the pre-school. She is also into acting and was in need of some new headshots. So we headed out to Long Beach and had a great time shooting in front of some gorgeous houses and at a coffee shot that she grew up going to. We had a blast, and my mom even joined us for the shoot :) Here are a few pictures my mom snapped of me in action. Amy's shoot will be posted soon.

I am a little short... so I often have to stand on my toes :)

I know the flash was pointed up... but I wasn't using it.
I'm not sure about some of the ways I stand... but it works!
LOVED this location :) And we had fun!
My mom, the assistant :) She held all the stuff and made Amy laugh.
Giving Amy direction. Don't worry, she was looking... she was just flipping the hair out of her face...
And here's a sneak peak... straight out of the camera.
It was a great shoot! Thanks Amy!

If you want to read more about it, I'm sure my mom will be blogging about it. You can see her blog here.

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Amy said...

yayayay! thanks diandra for the fun shoot! it really is a teaser blog... especially for me haha :)