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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A childhood dream comes true :)

Did you ever play the game "MASH" as a child? The one where you list the places you'd like to live, the car you want to drive, the boys you want to marry, the kids you want to have... and then your friend draws lines until you say stop. Eventually out of your list, you have your new life.

For a car, I always picked Jeep. I don't know why a 10 year old girl chooses a jeep, rather than a pink mustang or something like that, but I chose a Jeep. Preferably a wrangler.

I have dreamed of having a Jeep wrangler since I was a little girl (it's even on my life list... you can read more about that by clicking here). I was so blessed to be given a wonderful 1985 Mercury Topaz on my 15th birthday. My parents had bought the car the same year I was born and I grew up helping my dad wash it, riding in it, and loving it. It was a wonderful car that I drove all through high school. it took me back and fourth to San Diego during my college years, and then finally one day, it died. I was so sad. But that meant getting a new car! I could finally have my Jeep!

Unfortunately, because of circumstances I will not go into, I ended up leasing a Ford Focus instead. Not what I would have chosen for myself. But in February, my lease was up! Instead of buying the Focus, I turned it in and walked away without looking back for even a minute!

Then the quest for a Jeep began. You see, I am at a very different place in my life than I was 3 years ago. I am independent and making my own choices. And this is a choice that I couldn't WAIT to make. I scoured ads, looking for Jeeps. I test drove a couple and I just knew it's what I wanted, despite the doubts that my family and friends had. But I just couldn't find the right one.

Then, everything changed one day while perusing the pages of craigslist. I found it. It was perfect! And about a month later... it is MINE!

I'd like to introduce you to my brand new (well, new to me), Jeep Wrangler! I LOVE IT! And I'm taking suggestions for a name. Because I think it needs a name. But not a sissy girly name... a name like Butch.

33 inch tires :)
and one dad took of me (with his cell phone) before I took it home:


Jewelielyn said...

ok, let me be the first to say congratulations . . . albeit with a little bit of fear and trepidation. leave the doors on, and drive carefully. because i love you . . . have fun . . . just be safe! but enjoy your new ride! can you do that and be safe too? i hope so.
love you!! ~mom

Rollie said...

How about "Bubba"? Spike? Arnold? Killer? (Well, maybe not such a great suggestion...) Fluffy? Snowball? I guess that means I'm out of good ideas... :) Love you!

Diandra said...

someone suggested blue steel... what do you think of that?

Kare said...

Congratulations! She looks perfect. Doesn't it feel good to know what you want and go with your gut instinct and just do it? Sometimes you just have to! Good for you. And I love how your mom is worried, so cute. (Oh, found you from J*'s blog after your super photoshoot with her - I come back regularly to check out your stuff, too)

Dawn B said...

If you think it might actually be female (because you can tell if a car is male or female) you can always do what I did when I named my car...put Ms. in front of her name! My son tried to call my blue sentra Miss Blue! I had to put the thunder down on him quick and let him know that she was Ms. Blue! Oh, the Jeep is awesome!

Diandra Ann said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I am LOVING the jeep! My mom isn't as worried anymore (I dont think)... and it still has no name... i waited 14 years for the perfect car... now i have to wait for the perfect name :)