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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Okay so better late than never...

My mom's birthday was on Sunday. And before you go and think that I am a horrible daughter who does not wish her mother happy birthday until 2 days later... I already told her in person :) But I wanted to write a little something because I just think she's great!

I'm an only child. My parents have worked hard my whole life, and my mom is an amazing woman! She has overcome a lot of things in her life and is stronger for it. She is also my best friend. I love hanging out with her, I can talk to her about anything and everything, and she loves me even on my bad days.

My mom has been there for me and supported me through everything in my life. Even as an adult... the choices I've made (some that havent been so good, and some that were great), she's supported me and been there for me when I succeeded and when I failed.

I recently was reading another blog that I read often and the writer wrote 3 memories of her dad on his birthday. I thought that was a great idea, so here are my 3 memories of my mom on her birthday (well 2 days after her birthday, but we've already been over that :)

1. When I was in high school, my family moved several times. The second place we lived only a short time, and my mom had NOT wanted to move there. But she had gone because she supported my dad. After only about a year and a half of living there, we had to leave. It was devastating and difficult for our entire family. We'd all been hurt and we were all a bit of a mess on the inside. But my mom was strong. She fought through it. She supported my dad... she loved on me... she was positive on the outside even though I'm sure she didn't feel that way on the inside. She made the transition easier on my dad and me. I learned through that experience that my mom loves us fiercely. She takes a lot of bullets for me and my dad that I don't think we even ever see. She deals with things so that we don't have to.

2. When I was 16, I had my first boyfriend. We dated for 3 months and I thought he was amazing, although my parents did not. They didn't DISLIKE him (at least I don't think :) but they definitely thought I could do better. He came back from a trip to Mexico with his youth group and completely blindsided me by breaking up with me. I cried and cried and I didn't want to talk. I remember my mom walking into my room, sitting down on my bed and just holding me and letting me cry. She didn't ask questions. She didn't offer advice. She just let me cry. I learned that my mom would always be there for me. She didn't always have to agree with my choices or like the outcome, but she would always love and support me.

3. I recently went through what was quite possibly one of the most difficult times in my life. It was difficult and painful at moments. I'd been dealing with it for over 3 years on my own (or so I thought), however my mom knew something was up. Because mom's always know. But when I finally came to her with it, there was no looking back. She not only supported me once again, but she shouldered so much of it. She took it on so that I didn't have to. She fought my battle with me and made sure I knew I wasn't in this alone. She did the dirty work so that I wouldn't have to. I think it ended up being more difficult on her than on me. I saw a whole new level of strength... but also a whole new level of vulnerability. My mom will always be my mom. But as I grow up, I am finding that just as much as I need her, she needs me too. I saw that in this experience. As she took on my hurt, all I wanted to do was take away her pain.

I have the most amazing family in the world. I am so thankful for the parents that God gave me. And as my mom says, I am so glad that she is one year older and not dead :)

I lobe you mom! :)


cassandra m said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANDRA'S MOM!!!! You sound like an amazing woman, a wonderful Mom and a loving wife...I can tell Diandra is proud to call you Mom. Hope you got lots of SURPRISES on your birthday! (Thanks Diandra for making me reflect on how wonderful my Mom is too...I just called her to tell her) GREAT STORIES...loved them all!!!!

Jewelielyn said...

awww! you made me cry and you know how i hate that!! but i lobe you too--longer than anyone else ever will, btw . . . you are my sunshine!