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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The man in my life....

...It was the day after Christmas, and I was feeling a little bummed because my day after Christmas shopping was over and it was only 10am! See, typically I go to Oregon and spend Christmas with my family up there, but this year, we decided to stay here. My mom and grandma went shopping without me up in Portland, so I went out to brave the crowds here without them. But there were no crowds... it was surreal!

So I got done with all of our shopping around 10am, and I thought we'd stroll through the puppy store and take a look. I've wanted a puppy since I stopped living with my parents and their puppy. After spending about 5 minutes looking around, I was stuck in front of one particular cage... a cage with a 5 month old westie-poo (west highland terrier, poodle mix). The store had put him on sale in hopes of getting rid of him because he was getting "old". I couldn't take my eyes off him, and the feeling was mutual for the little pup. I got him out to play and fell in love! An hour later, I walked out of the mall with him!

I love my little pup... he's just perfect for me and my lifestyle. Today I took him out and took some pictures of him since I don't really have any. I thought I'd share his story and his photos with you! I know there are a lot, but he's just so darn cute, and besides, it's my blog and I make the rules :) Enjoy!

This might be my favorite of the day...
This was so funny... he was looking at me under his body through his legs! See his little nose?

Since he was kind of a Christmas pup, I thought I'd let him play with the Christmas decorations (I'm finally in the process of putting them all away!)

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JMish said...

Ok, what kind of pup is he??? He is adorable!!! When you come up to OR you should bring him!!! Much love! miss you!!!