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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long Beach Wedding: Dane and Lacey

The sky was full of clouds that seemed to be ready to break open at any minute.
As the ceremony started, rays of sun pushed their way through.

It was a wedding more than 10 years in the making.
More than a decade before, a little boy knocked at the neighbor's front door in hopes of getting a glimpse of the little girl.
Years later, that boy stood at the end of the aisle, getting choked up as the girl came towards him.
"I've known I wanted to marry you since I was 12." Lacey's vows stated. Dane's were just as candid and emotional.

Lacey and Dane, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.
I know you are going to be so happy together!

Everyone got ready at the Maya hotel in Long Beach. It was beautiful!

The girls made their own flowers, and I think they did an awesome job!

I loved the guys details :)

Dane you are so cool!

I need to take a minute and tell the Groomsmen... you ROCKED! Seriously, you made my job sooo easy!

This is the definition of cool:

The vows were my favorite part. They were so real and raw and full of love.

Hello Photogenic!

Favorite #1.

Favorite #2... seriously, Lacey you are GORGEOUS!

I had so much fun with the Queen Mary in the background!


A special thank you to Angela for second shooting with me :)


Jennifer Brotchie said...

very lovely Diandra!

Bianca said...

Great job, Diandra! I'm so proud of you.

Michelle said...

Gotta LOVE the LBC! Great job!

Laurie Bracewell said...

Well done Diandra!!

Jewelielyn said...

how pretty! the wedding dress shot was worth the risk :)

-brittany- said...

love the chucks and the fabulous bouquets! Great job Diandra!

Molly Marie Williams said...

That's where we got married! These shots look fantastic. I think that Jasmine Star workshop did a number on all of us! Looks great!